Something new, something different, something good

James Monroe

Label:Atteiram API-L 1507
Release Date:1974-05
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Girl of my dreams2:37
Composer:J. Monroe-Jake Landers
A-2. What about you?3:15
Composer:J. Anglin-J. Wright
A-3. Tennessee Sunday1:55
Composer:J. Monroe-Jackie Hicks
A-4. Happiness Hill3:45
A-5. The Deepening snow2:38
Composer:H. Howard
B-1. Kentucky in the morning2:20
Composer:Tom T. Hall
B-2. Sweet Lucy2:35
Composer:Glenn Jackson-James Monroe
B-3. I washed my hands in muddy water2:17
Composer:J. Badcock
B-4. House of the Rising Sun2:54
Composer:A. Price
B-5. Think it over2:21
Composer:M. & Y. Fields