Pickin' in the bushes

The Moonshine Mountain Boys

Label:Sandcastle SCR 1036
Release Date:1976
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue Grass Express1:35
Composer:B. Osborne
A-2. Johnny B. Goode2:15
Composer:C. Berry
A-3. Bach Bouree1:52
A-4. She's my love2:45
Composer:M. McKernan
A-5. It only takes a minute3:25
Composer:D. McKeown
A-6. 62 Chevy2:12
Composer:D. McKeown
B-1. Glendale Train
B-2. When the blues won't leave
B-3. Banjo man
B-4. City of sunrise
B-5. Waxie's dargle
B-6. Gary Owen / Minstrel boy