Legendary Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore & his Dixie Partners

Label:Leather LBG 7704
Release Date:1979
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1980-07

Song Information:

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A-1. Truckin', bluegrass pickin' son of a gun3:00
Composer:Lisa Moore
A-2. Love me one more time2:30
Composer:Charlie Moore, Bill Napier
A-3. The Opry in the fortys3:13
Composer:Lisa Moore
A-4. It don't make no difference anymore2:21
Composer:Charlie Moore
A-5. Momma's roses2:36
Composer:Lisa Moore
A-6. Don't step over an old love2:44
Composer:Fred Stryker
B-1. It's morning already2:48
Composer:Lisa Moore
B-2. Don't let your sweet love die2:28
Composer:Clark Van Ness
B-3. Nine pound hammer3:50
B-4. Rosie2:42
Composer:Floyd Atkins
B-5. Look what I've turned to2:21
Composer:Bennie Caudill
B-6. If you're from Dixie2:18
Composer:George L. Cobb, Jack Yellen