Charlie Moore and the Dixie Partners with Al Elliot

Charlie Moore & his Dixie Partners

Label:Old Homestead OHS 90170
Release Date:1983
Country:United States ID: 6749610

Song Information:

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A-1. If that's the way you feel2:15
A-2. Heaven seemed so near2:34
A-3. Hearts bouquet2:29
A-4. Just the thought of losing you2:45
A-5. Today I'm broken hearted2:42
A-6. Open pit mine3:27
B-1. Friends in Baltimore1:40
B-2. My Christmas dream2:20
B-3. Katy Hill1:27
B-4. Handsome Molly2:40
B-5. Nashville skyline rag2:23
B-6. The old chain gang1:43