Moore & Napier and Jim Eanes

Various artists

Label:London (Japan) GT 6019

Song Information:

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A-1. Truck driver's queenCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:06
A-2. Long white lineCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:34
A-3. Hot rod kids and woman driversCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:44
A-4. Truck driver's womanCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:16
A-5. Bluegrass truck driverCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:23
A-6. Pinball bluesCharlie Moore & Bill Napier 2:44
B-1. Blue SundayJim Eanes 2:18
B-2. Log cabin in the laneJim Eanes 2:56
B-3. Budded roseJim Eanes 3:06
B-4. Hand on the glassJim Eanes 2:17
B-5. I wouldn't change youJim Eanes 2:23
B-6. There'll come a timeJim Eanes 2:47