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Lee Moore

Label:Rural Rhythm RR 137
Release Date:1966
Country:United States ID: 3433714

Song Information:

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A-1. Going down the country1:23
A-2. An old log cabin for sale1:34
A-3. Beach at Waikiki1:05
A-4. Wildwood flower1:58
A-5. Will the roses bloom in Heaven1:55
A-6. Old Joe Clark1:00
A-7. Dreaming of a cabin1:58
A-8. Royal telephone1:55
A-9. Remember me1:45
A-10. Keep on the sunnyside1:11
A-11. Vacant cabin2:25
B-1. Gathering flowers from the hillside2:11
B-2. Mom is dying tonight1:36
B-3. Dobro blues1:20
B-4. Down where the river bends1:56
B-5. I love you best of all1:35
B-6. Old spinning wheel1:11
B-7. I never can love you again1;24
B-8. Cannon ball no. 31:07
B-9. Write mother1:28
B-10. Double eagle1:16
B-11. Paul's ministry3:00