Humble beginnings

Morningstar Express

Label:Davis Unlimited DU 33045
Release Date:1979
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Goat Mountain2:31
Composer:R. Taylor
A-2. Train leaves here this morning2:20
Composer:G. Clark-B. Leadon
A-3. Take this hammer2:37
A-4. Peaceful easy feeling2:53
Composer:J. Tempchin
A-5. Fireball II1:50
A-6. Renegade1:49
Composer:R. Collier-B. Everhart
B-1. House of the Rising Sun2:41
B-2. Byron's nightmare1:37
Composer:B. Moss
B-3. Gold watch and chain2:43
Composer:A.P. Carter
B-4. Raised by the railroad line2:15
Composer:P. Craft
B-5. Already gone3:14
Composer:J. Tempchin-R. Strandlund
B-6. Be nice to everybody1:20
Composer:S. Turner-C. Williams