Doc Watson

Label:United Artists UA-LA 423-H2
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Rambling hobo1:50
Composer:D. Watson
A-2. Shady Grove2:38
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
A-3. Wake up, little Maggie2:52
Composer:D. Watson, G. Carlton
A-4. Peartree2:15
Composer:D. Watson, G. Carlton
A-5. Keep on the sunny side2:06
Composer:A.P. Carter
A-6. Double file/Salt Creek1:38
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
B-1. Curly headed baby2:53
Composer:L. Leatherman
B-2. Miss the Mississippi and you3:34
Composer:B. Halley
B-3. Wabash Cannonball2:57
Composer:A.P. Carter
B-4. My rose of old Kentucky2:35
Composer:B. Monroe
B-5. Blues stay away from me2:45
Composer:A. Delmore, W. Raney, H. Glover, R. Delmore
C-1. Walking boss2:20
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
C-2. Make me a pallet2:58
Composer:J. Parish
C-3. In the jailhouse now3:25
Composer:J. Rodgers
C-4. Steel guitar rag1:55
Composer:L. McAuliffe, M. Travis, C. Stone
C-5. Hang your head in shame2:39
Composer:F. Rose, E. Nelson, S. Nelson
C-6. You don't know my mind blues3:07
Composer:S. Gray, V. Liston, C. Williams
D-1. Moody River2:33
Composer:G. Bruce
D-2. Don't tell me your troubles2:45
Composer:D. Gibson
D-3. Columbus Stockade3:12
Composer:J. Davis, E. Sargent
D-4. Mama don't allow no music4:10
Composer:Arr. Doc Watson
D-5. Thoughts of never2:35
Composer:M. Watson