Hoss, he's the boss

Harold Morrison

Label:Decca DL 4680
Release Date:1965-11
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 6442049
   Google Play: Bubddp7g2hq567jfqquzugqcfri

Song Information:

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A-1. I'm a bluebird2:07
Composer:Kent Westberry
A-2. That's the way it is1:55
Composer:Larry Kingston
A-3. Flat top hop2:03
Composer:Harold Morrison
A-4. Twenty-nine dollars2:24
Composer:Don Snell-Al Arkin
A-5. Scotland five1:46
Composer:Harold Morrison
A-6. I'm a little bit sore2:55
Composer:Larry Kingston
B-1. Life of a poor boy2:27
Composer:E. C. "Mac" McCarty
B-2. An acre of banjos1:38
Composer:Harold Morrison
B-3. Hoss, he's the boss2:05
Composer:Bill Graham-Larry Gilbert
B-4. The bicycle wreck2:26
Composer:S. Alfred
B-5. Little Dobey2:20
Composer:Harold Morrison
B-6. John don't run the dogs tonight2:02
Composer:Jan Crutchfield