Essential Doc Watson

Doc Watson

Label:Vanguard VSD 45/46
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1A-1. Tom Dooley03:13
1A-2. Alberta02:40
1A-3. Froggie went a-courtin'04:02
1A-4. Beaumont rag01:37
1A-5. St James hospital03:25
1A-6. Muskrat02:51
1B-1. Down in the valley to pray01:57
1B-2. Blue railroad train02:41
1B-3. Rising sun blues04:17
1B-4. Shady grove02:55
1B-5. My rough and rowdy ways02:28
1B-6. The train that carried my girl from town03:45
2A-1. Black mountain rag01:30
2A-2. I was a stranger03:05
2A-3. Blueridge mountain blues02:20
2A-4. Country blues03:05
2A-5. Groundhog01:40
2A-6. Little Orphan girl02:50
2A-7. Blackberry blossom01:50
2B-1. Going down this road feeling bad02:05
2B-2. Rambling hobo00:50
2B-3. Little Omie Wise04:05
2B-4. Handsome Molly02:00
2B-5. Whitehouse blues01:30
2B-6. I want to love him more02:05
2B-7. Way downtown02:00