Mac Wiseman, Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin

Various artists

Label:Hollywood HT 136
Country:United States
Barcode:012676013642 ID: 5962648

Song Information:

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A-1. Sweeter than the flowersMac Wiseman
A-2. Rank strangersStanley Brothers
A-3. Uncle PenJimmy Martin
A-4. Rocky TopMac Wiseman
B-1. Widow makerJimmy Martin
B-2. How mountain girls can loveStanley Brothers
B-3. Jimmy Brown, the newsboyMac Wiseman
B-4. One woman manJimmy Martin
B-5. Stone walls and steel barsStanley Brothers 2:05
Recording Date:1963-08-14
Composer:R. Pennington-R. Marcum; Lois, BMI
Place:King Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; George Shuffler-g; Ralph Mayo-f; Henry Dockery-bs
Vocals:Carter Stanley-L; Ralph Stanley-T; Ralph Mayo-B; George Shuffler-BS