Moon Mullins

Paul 'Moon' Mullins

Label:Vetco LP 3004
Release Date:1970
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1971-07 ID: 8515629

Song Information:

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A-1. Cedar grove
A-2. Ramblin' boy
A-3. Way must we wait
A-4. The Girl I love don't pay me no mind
A-5. Fire on the mountain
A-6. Katy Dailey
A-7. Weeping willow
A-8. Dance around Molly
A-9. Seven year blues
A-10. Moon's folly
B-1. Use me Lord
B-2. Vision of Christ
B-3. Pass me not
B-4. Somebody touched me
B-5. Sweet bye and bye
B-6. Will my mother know me there
B-7. Where the roses never fade
B-8. Will the circle be unbroken
B-9. Shake hands with mother again
B-10. The Gloryland way