The banjo kid picks again

Alan Munde

Label:Ridge Runner RRR 0022
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1980-06

Song Information:

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1. Peaches and cream2:41
Composer:A. Munde
1. Remington ride2:05
Composer:H. Remington
2. Hard times2:00
Composer:R. Stanley
2. I don't love nobody2:40
3. Earlsboro Kwickstop2:07
Composer:A. Munde
3. Melon time3:06
Composer:A. Munde
4. Marie2:16
Composer:I. Berlin
4. Walkin' around2:33
5. Earl of Broadfield2:01
Composer:A. Munde
5. Farewell blues2:29
Composer:Schoebel, Mares, Rappolo
6. How high is the moon2:49
Composer:Hamilton, Lewis
6. Sabrosa2:52