Ready for the times

New Prairie Ramblers

Label:Cross Current CCR 1001
Release Date:1985
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1987-01

Song Information:

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A-1. Waves of sorrowNew Quicksilver 2:20
Composer:Jake Landers
A-2. I'm gonna make it after allNew Quicksilver 2:39
Composer:Bob McDill
A-3. On a high, high mountainNew Quicksilver 2:49
Composer:Charlie Moore
A-4. I'm countryNew Quicksilver 2:37
Composer:Wes Golding
A-5. I'll live againNew Quicksilver 2:06
A-6. How mountain girls can loveNew Quicksilver 2:02
Composer:Ruby Rakes
B-1. You're the oneNew Quicksilver 2:30
Composer:Jimmy Haley
B-2. Feast from the Father's supplyNew Quicksilver 3:10
B-3. Ready for the timesNew Quicksilver 3:34
Composer:Allen Reynolds
B-4. Lead me on and onNew Quicksilver 2:11
B-5. Hitchhiking to CaliforniaNew Quicksilver 3:03
Composer:Wes Golding