Second impression

II Generation

Label:Rebel SLP 1564
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-10

Song Information:

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A-1. Race track blues2:23
A-2. Palmyra2:17
Composer:M. Hearon
A-3. Dog2:30
Composer:F. Walton, M. Hearon
A-4. The Whiteness3:47
Composer:M. Hearon
A-5. Scrape the road2:27
Composer:M. Hearon
A-6. Suppertime2:30
B-1. Clinch Mountain home2:26
Composer:Carter Family
B-2. Early mornin'3:10
Composer:F. Walton
B-3. As the crow flies3:10
Composer:C. Hood
B-4. Uncle Dan2:47
Composer:M. Hearon
B-5. Sunfall4:25
Composer:E. Adcock