State of mind

II Generation

Label:CMH CMH 6208
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-02

Song Information:

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A-1. Green Hill mountain home2:24
Composer:Jesse Colin Young
A-2. Somethin' to be findin'2:47
Composer:E. Walton-F. Walton, M. Hearon
A-3. Newsreel2:42
Composer:E. Adcock
A-4. Barstool blues2:44
Composer:M. Hearon
A-5. My favorite memory3:08
Composer:D. Statler
B-1. Two by four2:30
Composer:E. Adcock
B-2. State of mind2:29
Composer:E. Adcock
B-3. Stitch in time1:53
Composer:E. Walton-D. Brown
B-4. Goin' home in the rain2:06
Composer:M. Hearon
B-5. Old man (life cycled)2:00
Composer:M. Hearon
B-6. Living waters2:57
Composer:E. Adcock