Ballads and instrumentals

Red Rector

Label:Old Homestead OHS 90023
Release Date:1973-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1974-03

Song Information:

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A-1. How about you?2:35
A-2. Tragic romance2:36
A-3. Put me in your pocket2:38
A-4. Shout and shine1:40
A-5. Don't say goodbye if you love me2:17
A-6. Sweet Allalee3:10
A-7. Just over in the Gloryland1:55
B-1. Crazy Mary2:05
B-2. Whistling Rufus2:08
B-3. Rubby Dolly2:06
B-4. Patty on the turnpike2:15
B-5. Flop eared mule1:45
B-6. Red wing2:17
B-7. Dominique1:32