Spice of life

Don Reno, Bill Harrell & the Tennessee Cut-Ups

Label:King Bluegrass KB 540
Release Date:1975
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1976-01

Song Information:

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A-1. Everybody's something they're not1:58
Composer:Bill Harrell, Don Barber
A-2. Unwanted love2:55
Composer:Reno, Leftwich, Smiley
A-3. Banjo signal1:53
Composer:Don Reno
A-4. Shackles and chains2:55
Composer:Mac Wiseman
A-5. Blue bird singing2:45
A-6. Oak Grove church2:38
Composer:Don Reno
B-1. Two bricks short of a load2:10
Composer:Don Reno
B-2. When the saints go marchin' in2:05
B-3. Gray eagle hornpipe1:50
B-4. You're no longer a sweetheart of mine2:50
Composer:Reno, Smiley, Swift
B-5. I've lost some battles bt I've finally won the war2:44
Composer:Jake Kissenger
B-6. I wouldn?t change you if I could2:48
Composer:Jim Eanes