30th anniversary album

Don Reno & the Tennessee Cut-Ups

Label:CMH CMH 6240
Release Date:1979
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1980-07

Song Information:

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A-1. Singin' on the mountain3:02
Composer:D. Reno
A-2. Sweethearts in heaven3:11
Composer:B. Owens
A-3. Skyline drive3:07
Composer:D. Reno
A-4. What can I say3:13
Composer:S. Wilson, D. Barber
A-5. The Closest thing to heaven3:36
Composer:M.S. Elias
B-1. Daddy was a hard working man2:59
Composer:S. Wilson
B-2. Foggy Mountain rock2:08
Composer:L. Certain, B. Graves, G. Stacey
B-3. Don't say goodbye if you love me2:48
Composer:J. Davis, B. Dodd
B-4. Take me along for the ride2:55
Composer:W. Carson, R. Reno
B-5. Cincinnati rag2:43
Composer:M. Christian
B-6. My arms are empty and cold2:55
Composer:S. Wilson, D. Barber