Cold wind

Joe Val & the New England Bluegrass Boys

Label:Rounder 0182
Release Date:1983
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1984-06

Song Information:

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A-1. Cold wind1:58
Composer:Roy McMillan
A-2. Wrong road again2:22
Composer:A. Reynolds
A-3. You're running wild2:03
Composer:Ray Edenton-Don Winters
A-4. Sea of regret2:50
Composer:Kenneth & David Sloas
A-5. Neath a cold gray tomb of stone2:32
Composer:Hank Williams-Mel Foree
A-6. Never again2:01
Composer:Benny Williams
B-1. When the cactus is in bloom2:04
Composer:Jimmie Rodgers
B-2. The first whippoorwill2:40
Composer:Bill Monroe
B-3. Mother's prayer2:41
Composer:Wallace Fowler
B-4. Stormy waters2:07
B-5. I've been all around this world2:33
Composer:Grandpa Jones
B-6. Rocking alone in an old rocking chair3:13
Composer:Bob Miller