Adventures for 12 string, 6 string and banjo

Dick Rosmini

Label:Elektra EKL 245
Release Date:1964
Country:United States ID: 2742931

Song Information:

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A-1. Little brown dog1:59
A-2. 900 miles to go2:37
A-3. Casey1:57
A-4. Joshua2:05
A-5. Shady Grove1:09
A-6. Improvisation for 12-string1:20
A-7. St. James drag2:11
A-8. Macedonian rag2:01
B-1. John Hardy1:59
B-2. Two shady ladies in 3/4 time2:51
B-3. Jelly Roll1:17
B-4. Picker's medley1:41
B-5. Goin' baroque2:00
B-6. Sweet substitute2:00
Composer:Jelly Roll Morton
B-7. Freight train1:52
B-8. Sadie2:09
B-9. Minstrel boy2:00