The storm still rages

Rhonda Vincent

Label:Rounder 0474
Release Date:2001-06-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-10
County Sales:#245
    Amazon ASIN: B00005K9SI

Song Information:

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1. Cry of the whippoorwill3:19
2. Is the grass any bluer2:44
3. Don't lie3:53
4. Driving nails in my coffin3:04
5. I'm not over you2:58
6. Bluegrass express3:01
7. Just someone I used to know2:31
8. On solid ground3:10
9. Each season changes you3:03
10. My sweet love ain't around4:31
11. You don't love God if you don't love your neighbor2:58
12. When the angels sing3:19
13. The Martha White theme0:59