Dr. Ginger Blue

Asa Martin & the Cumberland Rangers

Label:Rounder 0034
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Lay around the kitchen 'til the cook comes in
A-2. Dr. Ginger Blue
A-3. Rutherford's reel
A-4. There's more pretty girls than one
A-5. Going back to Alabama
A-6. The cat's meow
A-7. The Rowan County crew
A-8. Sweet bunch of daisies
B-1. Lost John
B-2. Two old freight trains
B-3. I tickled her under the chin
B-4. There's no place like home (for the married man)
B-5. Dreamy Georgiana moon
B-6. The death of Edward Hawkins
B-7. Sweet Florine
B-8. Jim Chapman schottische