Forks of the Ivy

John Rigsby

Label:Hay Holler HH-CD 1350
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-10
County Sales:#245

Song Information:

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16. Up haste to Calvary4:40
15. Whispering pine3:10
14. Weep and cry3:13
13. Struttin' rooster2:21
12. Farewell, Billy dear2:56
11. Queen of the bar3:25
10. Jealous heart2:33
9. Black Mountain blues2:52
8. Leaf of love2:36
7. Mother dear at home3:37
6. Walking with you in my dreams2:24
5. Crying heart blues1:53
4. Forks of the Ivy1:58
3. I'll still be around if you need me2:46
2. Crying fool2:25
1. Red rocking chair1:51