Peter Rowan, Tex Logan & Greg Douglas

Label:Waterfront WF 012
Release Date:1986
Country:United Kingdom
BG Unlimited:1985-03

Song Information:

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A-1. The Holy wells of Ireland5:17
Composer:Peter Rowan
A-2. Maelstrom4:08
Composer:Greg Douglass
A-3. Sitting on top of the world4:45
Composer:Lonnie Carter-Walter Jacobs
A-4. Rising o' the bones4:57
Composer:Peter Rowan
B-1. Lovesick blues4:08
Composer:Cliff Friend-Irving Mills
B-2. Black Mountain juice2:46
B-2. Talking bluegrass4:30
Composer:Peggy Logan
B-3. Mansion on the hill2:56
Composer:Hank Williams-Fred Rose
B-4. When I was a cowboy3:34
Composer:Huddie Ledbetter
B-5. No place like home2:05