Early days of bluegrass. Vol. 7

Sauceman Brothers

Label:Rounder 1019
Release Date:1976
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-06

Song Information:

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B-8. Hallelujah we shall rise
B-7. God's secret weapon
B-6. Please don't make me cry
B-5. I'll be an angel too
B-4. Little birdie
B-3. I'm not worth your tears
B-2. Goodbye my love
B-1. Down the road to love
A-8. Someone's last day
A-7. The pale horse and his rider
A-6. Wrap my body in old glory
A-5. I'll be no stranger there
A-4. Pretty Polly
A-3. Your trouble ways keep us apart
A-2. A white cross marks the grave
A-1. Handy man