3 tenors of bluegrass

Mac Wiseman, Bobby Osborne, Jim Silvers

Label:CMH CD 8530
Release Date:2000-03-07
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-07

Song Information:

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1. Cannonball yodelJim Silvers
2. Poison loveMac Wiseman & Bobby Osborne
3. Hillbilly feverBobby Osborne
4. I still write your name in the sandMac Wiseman
5. Walkin' the dogJim Silvers
6. Old flames can't hold a candle to youTerry Eldredge
7. Sunny side of the mountainBobby Osborne
8. The bluebirds are singing for meMac Wiseman & Bobby Osborne
9. Fr?uleinJim Silvers
10. Georgia piney woodsBobby Osborne
11. I'm a stranger hereMac Wiseman & Bobby Osborne
12. Take me as I am (or let me go)Bobby Osborne
13. Medicine springJim Silvers
14. Tragic romanceBobby Osborne
15. Katy DalyJim Silvers