An American original

Grandpa Jones

Label:CMH CD 9044
Release Date:1998-10-06
Country:United States
County Sales:#232 ID: 7851187
   Amazon ASIN: B00000C2OF

Song Information:

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1. Grandfather's clock2:39
2. Old Rattler2:04
3. Alabam2:20
4. Eight more miles to Louisville2:21
5. Dog and gun2:59
6. Sweet dreams of Kentucky2:26
7. She was always chewing gum1:43
8. Open up them pearly gates for me1:50
9. Dark as a dungeon2:47
10. Darby's ram1:42
11. Neighbors3:10
12. Old mountain dew2:11
13. Driftwood on the river3:11
14. Muleskinner blues4:08
15. Daylight savings time1:54
16. My little old home down in New Orleans2:01
17. Old camp meeting time2:11
18. Jesse James2:25
19. It's raining here this morning2:22
20. I don't love nobody1:23
21. Nelly Bly2:09
22. I gave my love a cherry2:08
23. Down the old plank road2:24
24. I am a pilgrim2:05
25. Billy Richardson's last ride2:40
26. Tragic romance2:58
27. I wish I'd stayed in the wagon yard1:56
28. Cannonball blues2:34
29. The all go country hash house2:08
30. Are you from Dixie?2:05