Kentucky home

Tim Lake

Label:Padraig PAD 35443CD
Release Date:2000-11-21
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-06
   Amazon ASIN: B000050HOV

Song Information:

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A-1. My old Kentucky home3:35
A-2. Chromatic shuffle
A-2. I can play the banjo3:30
A-3. Footprints in the snow2:39
A-4. Clinch Mountain backstep2:49
A-5. They will always love you3:29
A-6. Arch form
A-6. Arkansas traveler2:59
A-7. Sitting on top of the world5:01
A-8. Red haired boy3:31
A-9. Lonesome road blues3:08
A-10. Caravan
A-10. El condor pasa6:22
A-11. Emily2:41
A-12. Waiting at the Alamo4:18
A-13. Sail for the Lord2:51
A-14. Grey eagle3:28
A-15. Keep on the sunny side2:37
A-16. Orange Blossom Special6:51
A-17. Amazing grace4:51
A-18. Was it something you said?4:18
B-1. Leather britches2:30
B-2. Cripple Creek
B-2. Light my passageway6:57
B-3. Only eat when you're hungry4:13
B-4. Gerry Owen
B-4. Temperance reel6:04
B-5. Nine pound hammer2:44
B-6. Blackberry blossom3:08
B-7. St.3:50
B-8. A Russian sailor running from a fight1:51
B-9. Stay mad4:33
B-10. Goldrush1:48
B-11. John Hardy3:15
B-12. Mississippi sawyer3:11
B-12. Soldier's joy
B-13. Glendale train3:17
B-14. Flowers of Edinburgh
B-14. Morrison's jig3:41
B-15. Sidh beag agus sidh mor5:02