My dixie home

Del McCoury

Label:Rebel REB 7503
Release Date:2001-07-27
Country:United States
County Sales:#248 ID: 6764727
   Amazon ASIN: B00009L84I
   Google Play: Byox2pfi5eezfyvelhxitrigfii

Song Information:

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1. White House blues2:12
2. Eli Renfro3:26
3. Are you coming back to me3:17
4. I've endured2:19
5. Call collect on Christmas3:44
6. A good man like me2:28
7. Rock hearts2:30
8. J. D. Jones2:24
9. My Dixie home1:45
10. Hang your head in shame2:39
11. Drifting with the tide2:00
12. I've been crying2:27