Trouble ain't nothing but the blues

Whitstein Brothers

Label:Rounder 0229
Release Date:1987
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Showboat gamblerWhitstine Brothers 2:38
Composer:Dan Seals
A-2. What about youWhitstine Brothers 3:45
Composer:J. Wright-J. Angli
A-3. Freight train boogieWhitstine Brothers 2:30
Composer:K. W. Griffith
A-4. When I found youWhitstine Brothers 3:29
Composer:K. Kane-J. O'Hara
A-5. High cost of livingWhitstine Brothers 3:19
A-6. The EvergladesWhitstine Brothers 2:42
Composer:Harlan Howard
B-1. Looks like rain todayWhitstine Brothers 2:20
Composer:Tony Lalolo
B-2. Trouble in mindWhitstine Brothers 4:02
B-3. I don't believe you've met my babyWhitstine Brothers 2:20
Composer:A. Inman
B-4. Ozark mountain lullabyWhitstine Brothers 3:12
Composer:R.J. Jones
B-5. My baby came backWhitstine Brothers 2:35
Composer:C. & I. Louvin
B-6. My Texas girlWhitstine Brothers 3:08