Doobie Shea Records essential sampler

Various artists

Label:Doobie Shea DS-CD 9001
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-01

Song Information:

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12. Sweet hour of prayerTony & Gary Williamson 3:36
11. Old 109Scottie Sparks 3:05
Vocals:S. Sparks-L; D. Tyminski-H
10. Take me back homeKane's River 4:02
Vocals:J. Elkins-L; J. Lowell-LT; J. Nettuno-B
9. It's the loveMountain Heart 2:50
Vocals:S. Gulley-L; B. Abernathy-LT; J. Dowdle-B
8. GreensleevesTony Williamson Trio 5:13
7. River of tearsGrasshoppers 2:49
Vocals:H. Glenn-L; G. Garrett-H; J. Garrett-H
6. Leaning on the everlasting armsAubrey Haynie 2:30
5. She's goneUnlimited Tradition 2:15
Vocals:R. Craft-L; S. Sparks-T; D. Tyminski-B
4. Bootleg JohnDon Rigsby 2:56
Vocals:D. Rigsby-L
3. Traveling the highway homeErnie Thacker 2:23
Vocals:E. Thacker-L; D. Rigsby-T; D. Tyminski-B
2. Cherry blossoms in the springtimeJeanette Williams 2:55
Vocals:J. Williams; D. Tyminski
1. Carry me across the mountainsDan Tyminski 2:33
Vocals:D. Tyminski-L; A. Krauss-T