Rose of my heart

Whitstein Brothers

Label:Rounder 0206
Release Date:1985
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Rose of my heartWhitstine Brothers 3:00
Composer:Hugh Moffatt
A-2. Highway headed southWhitstine Brothers 2:20
A-3. KentuckyWhitstine Brothers 3:41
Composer:Karl Davis
A-4. My curly headed babyWhitstine Brothers 2:48
A-5. Weary daysWhitstine Brothers 2:04
Composer:T. Neely-N. King
A-6. Weary blues from waitingWhitstine Brothers 3:08
Composer:Hank Williams
B-1. ArkansasWhitstine Brothers 2:43
B-2. Bridge over troubled watersWhitstine Brothers 3:08
Composer:Paul Simon
B-3. Eighth wonder of the worldWhitstine Brothers 3:25
Composer:J. Loudermilk
B-4. Scared of the bluesWhitstine Brothers 2:14
Composer:I. & C. Louvin
B-5. Where the old Red River flowsWhitstine Brothers 3:03
Composer:Jimmie Davis
B-6. Smokey Mountain memoriesWhitstine Brothers 3:24
Composer:Conley & Devereaux