Lighthouse on the shore

Norman Blake

Label:Rounder CD 0211
Release Date:1985
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Hello stranger3:07
Composer:A.P. Carter; Peer
2. New bicycle hornpipe2:32
3. Marquis of Huntley2:30
4. Belize3:40
5. Elzic's farewell4:23
6. Lighthouse on the shore5:08
7. President Garfield's hornpipe2:24
8. If I lose, I don't care3:00
9. Butterfly weed2:54
10. Boston boy2:21
10. Last night's joy
11. Jordan am a hard road to travel3:59
12. Peacock's feather1:42
13. Wildwood flower3:17
14. Tennessee Mountain fox chase2:50