Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:Unknown ?
Release Date:2005

Song Information:

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1. Bluegrass breakdown
2. No letter in the mail
3. Uncle Pen
4. Orange Blossom Special
5. Footprints in the snow
6. I saw the light
7. Shady grove
8. Mule skinner blues
9. Shenandoah breakdown
10. The prison song
11. Blue moon of Kentucky
12. Can't you hear me calling
13. Nine pound hammer
A-14. River of death
A-15. Letter from my darling
A-16. On the old Kentucky shore
A-17. Raw hide
A-18. Poison love
A-19. Kentucky waltz
A-20. Prisoner's song
A-21. Swing low sweet chariot
A-22. Angels rock me to sleep
A-23. Brakeman's blues
A-24. Travelin' blues
B-1. When the cactus is in bloom
B-2. Sailor's plea
B-3. Highway of sorrow
B-4. Rotation blues
B-5. Lonesome truck driver's blues
B-6. Sugar coated love
B-7. You're drifting away
B-8. Cabin of love
B-9. Get down on your knees and pray
B-10. Christmas time's a coming
B-11. The first whippoorwill
B-12. In the pines
B-13. Footprints in the snow
B-14. Walking in Jerusalem
B-15. Memories of Mother and Dad
B-16. The little girl and the dreadful snake
B-17. Country waltz
B-18. A mighty pretty waltz
B-19. Pike County breakdown
B-20. Wishing waltz
B-21. I hope you have learned
B-22. Get up John
B-23. Sitting alone in the moonlight
B-24. Changing partners
C-1. Y'all come
C-2. On and on
C-3. I believed in you darling
C-4. New John Henry blues
C-5. White house blues
C-6. Happy on my way
C-7. I'm working on a building
C-8. A voice from on high
C-9. He will set your fields on fire
C-10. Close by
C-11. My little Georgia rose
C-12. Put my little shoes away
C-13. Blue moon of Kentucky
C-14. Wheel hoss
C-15. Cheyenne
C-16. You'll find her name written there
C-17. Roanoke
C-18. Wait a little longer please Jesus
C-19. Let the light shine down on me
C-20. A fallen star
C-21. Four walls
C-22. A good woman's love
C-23. Cry cry darlin'
C-24. I'm sittin' on top of the world
D-1. Out in the cold world
D-2. Roane County prison
D-3. Goodbye old pal
D-4. In despair
D-5. Molly and Tenbrooks
D-6. Come back to me in my dreams
D-7. Sally Jo
D-8. Brand new shoes
D-9. A lonesome road to travel
D-10. I saw the light
D-11. Lord build me a cabin in glory
D-12. Lord lead me on
D-13. Precious memories
D-14. I'll meet you in the morning
D-15. Life's railway to Heaven
D-16. I've found a hiding place
D-17. Jesus hold my hand
D-18. I am a pilgrim
D-19. Wayfaring stranger
D-20. A beautiful life
D-21. House of gold
D-22. Scotland
D-23. Gotta travel on
D-24. Panhandle country
D-25. No one but my darlin'