Bad moon shining

Dave Evans & River Bend

Label:Rebel REB-CD 1757
Release Date:2000-03-21
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2000-10
County Sales:#237
   Amazon ASIN: B00004RJN0
   Google Play: B2lsakstt3a6fcrazisi676puyy

Song Information:

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1. Bad moon shining3:56
2. My home sweet home and my Tennessee3:24
3. All the good times have passed and gone3:04
4. C.O. come and get me4:39
5. Don't go out tonight darling2:45
6. Last public hanging in West Virginia5:46
7. Satisfied mind4:11
8. It's raining here this morning3:11
9. Hello stranger3:18
10. It's all up to you4:38
11. I cried again3:11
12. Somebody's here for me3:00