Don't stop the music

Del McCoury

Label:Rounder CD 0245
Release Date:1990
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1991-02

Song Information:

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14. Don't stop the music3:40
13. Crazy heart2:40
12. How lonely can you get?2:36
11. Don't our love look natural?2:59
10. I feel the blues moving in3:37
9. Blues on my mind2:41
8. Sea of sorrow2:17
7. Knee deep in the blues2:39
6. Blue is the way I feel2:20
5. I'll put someone in your place2:40
4. Highway of pain4:25
3. You'll find her name written there3:37
2. Lights on the hill2:54
1. Trainwreck of emotion2:15