Native American

Tony Rice

Label:Rounder CD 0248
Release Date:1988
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Shadows3:42
Composer:Gordon Lightfoot
2. St. James Hospital4:57
Composer:James Baker
3. Night flyer3:57
Composer:John Mayall
4. Why you been gone so long3:20
Composer:Mickey Newbury
5. Urge for going5:48
Composer:Joni Mitchell
6. Go my way2:48
Composer:Gordon Lightfoot
7. Nothin' like a hundred miles4:17
Composer:James Taylor
8. Changes2:20
Composer:Phil Ochs
9. Brother to the wind3:28
Composer:Craig Bickhardt-F.C. Collins
10. John Wilkes Booth3:51
Composer:Mary Chapin Carpenter
11. Summer wages4:00
Composer:Ian Tyson