The Rice Brothers

Rice Brothers

Label:Rounder CD 0256
Release Date:1989
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1990-07

Song Information:

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11. Life is like a mountain railway3:28
10. Whisper my name3:20
Composer:Gordon Lightfoot
9. Soldier's joy1:36
8. Keep the lamp on Sadie3:21
Composer:Larry Rice
7. Let it ride2:59
Composer:Gordon Lightfoot
6. Don't think twice2:50
Composer:Bob Dylan
5. You're drifting away2:43
Composer:Bill Monroe
4. Teardrops in my eyes2:55
Composer:T. Sutton-Harley Allen
3. Original untitled4:15
Composer:Wyatt Rice
2. This old house4:56
Composer:Craig Mickhardt-T. Schuyler
1. Grapes on the vine3:15
Composer:Steve Gillette-Charles Quarto