Things I gave away

Mollie O'Brien

Label:Sugar Hill SUG-CD 3919
Release Date:2000-08-29
Country:United States
Barcode:015891391922 ID: 5969107
   Amazon ASIN: B00004W5EI
   Google Play: Bzjoygbm2qzchevpxa2rdicozr4

Song Information:

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1. River's invitation3:28
2. When I'm gone3:48
3. The house, the boat, the lovers4:01
4. Practicing walking away3:29
5. You won't see me3:29
6. Train time5:10
7. Throw it away4:11
8. Love, life and money6:00
9. The right thing4:44
10. When I've got the moon4:57