Sings Gordon Lightfoot

Tony Rice

Label:Rounder CD 0370
Release Date:1996
Country:United States

Song Information:

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17. Song for a winter's night3:09
16. Cold on the shoulder2:34
15. Sixteen miles2:45
14. Whisper my name3:19
13. Early morning rain3:04
12. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald4:59
11. Ten degrees (and getting colder)2:18
10. Whispers of the north4:17
9. Walls1:59
8. Shadows3:43
7. You are what I am2:22
6. Bitter green2:43
5. I'm not sayin'2:15
4. Let it ride2:59
3. Fine as fine can be3:23
2. Home from the forest4:17
1. Go my way2:48