The storyteller & the banjoman

Earl Scruggs & Tom T. Hall

Label:Columbia FC 37953
Release Date:1982
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Song of the south2:51
Composer:B. McDill
A-2. Shackles and chains3:20
Composer:J. Davis
A-3. The engineers don't wave from the trains anymore2:29
Composer:T. T. Hall
A-4. Don't this road look rough and rocky2:44
Composer:L. Flatt-E. Scruggs
A-5. Lonesome valley2:59
Composer:A. P. Carter
A-6. Roll in my sweet baby's arms2:52
Composer:L. Flatt-E. Scruggs
B-1. There ain't no country music on this jukebox2:26
Composer:T. T. Hall
B-2. A Lover's farewell2:57
Composer:T. T. Hall-E. Scruggs
B-3. Don't give your heart to a rambler3:01
Composer:J. Skinner
B-4. Dim lights, thick smoke (and loud, loud music)3:52
Composer:J. Maphis-R. L. Maphis-M. Fidler
B-5. No expectations3:34
Composer:M. Jagger-K. Richards