Church Street blues

Tony Rice

Label:Sugar Hill SH 3732
Release Date:1983
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Church street blues03:04
Composer:N. Blake
A-2. Cattle in the cane01:57
Composer:Arr. A. Rice
A-3. Streets of London03:57
Composer:R. McTell
A-4. One more night02:13
Composer:B. Dylan
A-5. The gold rush02:15
Composer:B. Monroe
A-6. Any old time02:37
Composer:J. Rodgers
B-1. Orphan Annie02:49
Composer:N. Blake
B-2. House carpenter04:24
Composer:Arr. A. Rice
B-3. Jerusalem ridge03:29
Composer:B. Monroe
B-4. Last thing on my mind03:17
Composer:T. Paxton
B-5. Pride of man02:20
Composer:H. Camp