The gospel collection. Vol. 1

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver

Label:Sugar Hill SH-CD 9104
Release Date:1990
Country:United States

Song Information:

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15. Let us travel on2:51
14. Lover of the Lord2:01
13. What a wonderful, beautiful place2:53
12. Rocking on the wave2:50
11. Hiding from the storm outside2:33
10. Where no one stands alone2:45
9. Lay your burdens at His feet2:16
8. When the sun of my life goes down2:58
7. Happy on my way1:55
6. Vision of Jesus2:50
5. Touch the hem of His garment2:16
4. Calm the storm1:43
3. God sent an angel3:27
2. He put a rainbow in the clouds for me2:31
1. My Lord delivered me2:25