Back to the Red River

Front Range

Label:Sugar Hill SH-C 3811
Release Date:1993-10-22
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000006MRR
   Google Play: Tpqe6u4xtfsjfjyesplzo4lclr4

Song Information:

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A-1. Red River Valley / Back to the Red River3:00
A-2. The hills that I call home3:29
A-3. Maybe this time2:22
A-4. Two empty arms3:33
A-5. False summit2:10
A-6. I've always been a rambler3:14
A-7. Over in the Gloryland1:56
B-1. Forever by my side2:52
B-2. Cold north wind3:28
B-3. Sunny side of life2:32
B-4. Plains of the buffalo3:27
B-5. Please Joanna1:52
B-6. So many pathways3:40