Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Tim O'Brien & the O'Boys

Label:Sugar Hill SH-CD 3808
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-09
County Sales:#193

Song Information:

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1. Church steeple
Composer:T. O'Brien; Howdy Skies Music, ASCAP
2. When I paint my masterpiece
Composer:B. Dylan; Big Sky Music, BMI
3. Heartbreak game
Composer:T. O'Brien-R. Handley; Howdy Skies Music
4. Time to learn
Composer:T. O'Brien-P. Alger; Howdy Skies Music
5. Perfect place to hide
Composer:T. O'Brien-K. A. Little; Howdy Skies Music
6. Run Mountain
Composer:J. E. Mainer; Trio Music/Alley Music, BMI
7. Good woman bad
Composer:P. McLaughlin-R. Younger; Frankly Scarlet Music
8. Few are chosen
Composer:T. O'Brien-H. Ketchum; Howdy Skies Music
9. Shadows to light
Composer:T. O'Brien; Howdy Skies Music
10. The farmer's cursed wife
11. Johnny don't get drunk
11. Rye straw
12. He had a long chain on
Composer:J. Driftwood; Battle Music, BMI