Early country music from Detroit, 1949-1951

Earl & Joyce Songer & the Rocky Road Ramblers

Label:Old Homestead OHCS 338
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-12

Song Information:

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A-1. We're satisfied
A-2. Fire in my heart (will be drowned in tears)
A-3. Honky tonkin' blues
A-4. My wife and sweetheart too
A-5. Whose naughty baby are you
A-6. I won't confess I'm sorry
A-7. Will there be any flowers on my grave
A-8. Fox chase
B-1. West Virginia waltz
B-2. Mother in-law boogie
B-3. Spanish fire bells
B-4. Someone to call my own
B-5. In a broken heart no love is found
B-6. Blue Mountain girl
B-7. Dissatisfied
B-8. Smiling through the years