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Traver Hollow

Label:Traver Hollow THP 003
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1994-03

Song Information:

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18. Remington ride
17. I'll never go back
16. Don't let your deal go down
15. When I was young
14. Where is the love
13. That silver-haired daddy of mine
12. I'm lonesome, sad, and so blue
11. The girl at the crossroads bar
10. Winterhawk
9. Theme from Shiloh
8. Who's that knockin'
7. These old blues
6. Rose of my heart
5. Love you til the day I die
4. I was dreaming of a little cabin
3. I'll take the blame
2. I once believed in love
1. The drunken billygoat