All smiles tonight

Woody Simmons

Label:Elderberry 002
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1980-07

Song Information:

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A-1. West Virginia highway2:14
A-2. Home brew rag2:16
A-3. Honeymoon waltz2:45
A-4. Mitchell's clog2:00
A-5. Sugar tree stomp2:27
Composer:Arthur Smith
A-6. Paris waltz3:43
A-7. Cotton baggin'2:54
B-1. Natural bridge blues1:57
B-2. Sugar in the gourd2:03
B-3. I'll be all smiles tonight2:52
B-4. Smokey Mountain rag2:10
B-5. Devil in Georgia2:14
B-6. Susie's band3:12
Composer:Charlie Bell
B-7. Sweet bunch of daisies3:32
B-8. Liza Jane2:43