Call of the honky tonk

Charlie Sizemore

Label:Rutabaga RR 3014
Release Date:1989
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Call of the honky tonk2:13
Composer:Paul Craft
A-2. There's nothing between us2:17
Composer:Charles Sizemore
A-3. String, eraser & blotter2:25
Composer:Long, Spence & Eckler
A-4. Melody of love2:18
Composer:Charles Sizemore
A-5. Mountain high, valley low2:15
Composer:Anderson & Delmore
A-6. In my time of dying2:16
B-1. Congratulations2:13
B-2. Standing room only2:30
B-3. Long gone2:38
Composer:Reno & Smiley
B-4. I see through you1:44
Composer:Lidell & Lidely
B-5. A Little at a time2:20
Composer:Stanley & Malone
B-6. Wild side of life2:18
Composer:Warren & Carter